About MEF LSO Developer Community

The MEF LSO Developer Community enables software developers - typically from service provider IT departments, technology vendor R&D groups and students and post-graduates from academia - to ask questions, respond to questions, and contribute tools and other forms of code for inclusion in the LSO SDKs. The community allows to interact with other members including industry professionals from MEF member companies whose primary purpose is to work together to develop the standard and related SDKs. It is the place to share the knowledge, discuss the current work and propose new features for the next releases.

See the latest releases:

LSO Developer Community Manager

The MEF LSO Developer Community is managed by a full-time resource provided by MEF. The Community Manager is responsible for facilitating the community collaboration and progress and driving the adoption of LSO SDKs. More specific goals include day-to-day support of community members, engaging specialists to contribute to the SDKs and leading the SDK releases.

The LSO Developer Community Manager is the point of contact for those who would like to adopt LSO SDKs, contribute to LSO SDKs or just join the Developer Community in order to interact with other members.

Contact the LSO Developer Community Manager by sending email to community_manager@mef.net

LSO SDK Communities

LSO SDK for each LSO Reference Point is a collection of the APIs and associated development tools for that LSO Reference Point. LSO SDK repositories are publicly available on GitHub. Additionally there are extended SDK versions developed and are available for MEF Members only. They will contain software tools like adapters, emulators, etc. More LSO SDK details could be found on dedicated wiki pages and the source code is hosted on GitHub (links provided in the section on the right).

Developer community is built around every LSO SDK, and the main goal there is to boost adoption of MEF data models and APIs as defined for various LSO Reference Points in LSO Reference Architecture (MEF 55). The LSO SDK Communities are built with use of the GitHub teams and the team discussions should be used as a communication channel. You could post a new discussion to ask questions and provide comments or join the current discussion.

Currently there are following LSO SDK Communities available:

Join the Community

To join the MEF LSO Developer Community, take the following steps:

  • Ensure you have a Github account.
  • Decide which of the LSO SDK communities you would like to join.
  • Contact MEF Developer Community Manager and request that you be added to the public area of the LSO SDK that you are interested in.
  • If you are a MEF member, ask also to be added to the members only area of the LSO SDK that you are interested in.

LSO Developer Community Manager
LSO SDK Extensions @ GitHub (MEF Members only)

MEF LSO Sonata SDK Extended

MEF LSO Presto SDK Extended

MEF LSO Legato SDK Extended

MEF LSO Cantata SDK Extended

If you are a MEF Member, update your wiki profile with your GitHub account name. Access to the LSO SDK Extensions repositories is periodically updated with provided GitHub accounts. Additionally contact the LSO Developer Community Manager to request the immediate access.

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