The LSO Presto SDK is the complete set of deliverables developed by the MEF 3.0 Community in order to

  1. Enable market adoption of LSO Presto APIs in the current release of the LSO Presto SDK.
  2. Support of development of additional features for the upcoming release of the LSO Presto SDK.

The current release of the the LSO Presto SDK is Graceand is available on GitHub (see Latest Release section for details).

Any MEF member can participate in the development of each new release of the LSO Presto SDK:

  • Contact the LSO Developer Community Manager (Michał Łączyński) either via GitHub or by email to let him know of your interest and to ask questions

Latest Release

Download the entire repository by clicking here

Since Q4 2020 MEF has introduced a common release schema for all SDKs.

Since the Celine release (January 2022) no items have been updated.

More information about the LSO Presto API reference point can be found here:


This is the SDK for the MEF LSO Presto API reference point. The SDK contains the following items:

  • COPYRIGHT - Copyright 2021 MEF Forum
  • LICENSE - Contains a copy of the Apache 2.0 license
  • api
    • swagger - Contains the MEF NRP Swagger specifications.
    • yang - Contains the MEF NRP YANG modules, including the ONF Transport API yang modules on which the MEF NRP API is based.
  • documentation - MEF specifications
    • examples - Contains example JSON API requests and Postman collections.
    • tutorial - A guide for getting started with the MEF LSO Presto SDK & a packaged demo VM running OpenDaylight Unimgr and mininet.
  • uml - Contains UML models for MEF Network Resource Model

Reference Implementations

  1. LSO Presto APIs in OpenDaylight SDN Controller

    A reference implementation of the MEF Network Resource Provisioning API is available from the OpenDaylight Unimgr project.

  2. LSO Presto APIs (older version) in ONOS SDN Controller

    A plugin to get network topology from Open Network Operating System (ONOS) and return to the Service Orchestration Functionality (SOF) is available here

Related Projects

The MEF NRP IPS is an extension of the ONF Transport API (TAPI 2.0.2) which can be found here:

Issues, Questions, and Feedback

Issues should be reported with the use of GitHub issues. Questions and feedback should be asked either at Presto SDK Discussions or directly to

The MEF LSO Presto SDK is released under the Apache 2.0 license.



LSO Developer Community Manager
LSO Presto SDK @ GitHub

Core (public):

Extensions (MEF Members only):

If you are a MEF Member, update your wiki profile with your GitHub account name. Access to the LSO Presto SDK Extensions repository is periodically updated with provided GitHub accounts. Additionally contact the LSO Developer Community Manager to request the immediate access.

Core Contributors

Bartosz Michalik

Donald Hunter

Jack Pugaczewski

Karthik Sethuraman

Are you a core contributor to this LSO SDK but not mentioned here? Please let the LSO SDK Community Manager know and we will add you!




  1. Is there an update on the release date for LSO Presto SDK R4? Thanks.

  2. Hello Jahveen,

    SDK Releases are scheduled for 26th of June. I will update this page and go back with more details after today's Presto call.

  3. Hi Michal, 

    Above info talks about MEF Presto SDK R4 is around June 26 But I couldn't find the R4 release SDK kit. Is there any update on when it is expected to be available ?.

  4. Hi Kaliyaperumal,

    The information was changed on the page, yet not in the comment, apologies for that.

    There was a "generic" date for all SDKs, and then only those which delivered an increment will be released. That will be Sonata and Legato.

    Presto will not be released this quarter. I think there is a chance for Q4 but let's see what Q3 meeting brings.

  5. It looks like nothing has moved since Aretha release, is there any plan for a future release? Also T-API current version is 2.2.0 vs 2.0.2 used in Presto.

  6. Luis Gomez Sorry for the late answer - I needed to gather the feedback. As for now, the only update planned is the addition of new versions of the standards. No changes to the technical API parts are anticipated for Billie. There is a high chance for an update in the next release - Celine (Nov 2021)

  7. BTW, can anyone give access to the extensions repo:

    It is been a while I added my github handle in my profile but still have no access to this github.