Welcome to the MEF Reference Wiki

The MEF Reference Wiki is a source of materials provided primarily for the benefit of participants in the MEF Software Developer Community and individuals taking MEF Professional Certification exams, as well being available to the general public. It is designed to make it easier to access information on work defined and implemented by the MEF, and related topics. It is edited by the MEF membership via the MEF Wiki.

The Reference Wiki is constantly under development and we recommend 'watching' this page to keep notified of those updates.


If you are studying for the MEF-CECP certification, you may find the MEF-CECP Certification Blueprint a good place to start.

Some of the links in the MEF Reference Wiki point to areas in the MEF Wiki that are accessible to MEF member companies only.

If you don't already have a MEF Wiki account but you do have an email domain of a MEF member company, you can join the MEF Community by signing up by yourself.

If your company is not yet a member of the MEF, but you think MEF membership would be relevant, you find information here.

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