LSO Presto

Presto (SOF:ICM)

LSO Presto belongs to the family of LSO Reference Points as described in MEF 55 (LSO Reference Architecture). It defines the network management reference point needed to manage the network infrastructure, including network view management functions.

LSO Presto resides within the Service Provider domain and within the Partner Domain.

A range of APIs will eventually be defined for use at LSO Presto. The first of these APIs is the LSO Presto Network Resource Provisioning (NRP) API*.


LSO High Level Reference Architecture




Mappings to TM Forum APIs

TM Forum APIs 
Service Provisioning API

Used by LSO to request Domain Controllers to create/configure/modify/delete/rollback the following:-EVC Segment, UNI, UNI FlowPoint, INNI, INNI FlowPoint, ENNI, ENNI Flowpoint (plus possibly others TBD around profiles and such)

Resource Inventory APIUsed by LSO (or LSO ecosystem) for upload or discovery and reconciliation of flow/routing domains and edge devices and ports (and assignment of ports to the following roles: UNI, INNI, ENNI).Used by LSO for querying some resource inventory data, from the Infrastructure Control & Mgmt layer, for purposes of feasibility checking and such (ex: Is the resource still there? Is the resource still active?)
Performance Management API 


  • SOF requests ICM to create network connectivity or functionality associated with specific Service Components of an end-to-end Connectivity Service with the domain managed by each ICM.

  • SOF receives topology, connectivity and routing information from ICM.

  • SOF receives performance and fault information from ICM.

  • SOF queries ICM for Resource Inventory (including capabilities) information.

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* Accessible only to MEF members only

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