LSO Legato SDK is the complete set of deliverables developed by the MEF membership in order to

  1. Enable market adoption of LSO Legato APIs in the current release of LSO Legato SDK.
  2. Support of development of additional features for the upcoming release of LSO Legato SDK.

The current release of LSO Legato SDK is RC4 and is available on GitHub (see Latest Release section for details).

Any MEF member can participate in the development of each new release of LSO Legato SDK:

  • Contact the LSO Developer Community Manager (Michal Laczynski) either via GitHub or by email to let him know of your interest and to ask questions

Latest Release

LSO Legato SDK Release Candidate 4

The new Release was issue on July 31st 2020!

Version: RC4

MEF LSO Legato SDK core includes API definitions for the following functional areas:

  • Service Catalog
  • Service Ordering
  • Service Inventory
  • Service Notification

In addition to the Service Provisioning APIs, the SDK includes the following MEF Service Specification schemas:

  • SD-WAN Services
  • Carrier Ethernet Services
  • L1 Connectivity Services

SDK Repository

Core (public):

SDK Contents

This SDK contains the following items:

  • COPYRIGHT - Copyright 2020 MEF Forum
  • LICENSE - Contains a copy of the Apache 2.0 license
  • README - This file
  • api - Definitions of the API are found in this directory
    • serviceCatalog - Contains the API definitions for querying and retrieving Service-Specification instances from the service catalog system in the SOF.
    • serviceInventory - Contains the API definitions for querying and retrieving Service instances from the service inventory system in the SOF.
    • serviceOrdering - Contains the API definitions for posting Service-Order request to the service order system in the SOF. Each Service-Order contains one or more Service-Order-Items, each of which specifies the Service instance (and its characteristics) to be added/updated/deleted.
    • serviceCommon - Contains the API definitions for registering Notification-Listeners to be called-back when the specified condition occurs. Also common API resources and error definitions can be found here.
  • spec – Contains OpenAPI 3.0 Specification files for SD-WAN, Carrier Ethernet Services, and L1 Connectivity Services.

SDK License

The MEF LSO Legato SDK is released under the Apache 2.0 license.



LSO Developer Community Manager
LSO Legato SDK @ GitHub

Core (public):

Extensions (MEF Members only):

If you are a MEF Member, update your wiki profile with your GitHub account name. Access to the LSO Legato SDK Extensions repository is periodically updated with provided GitHub accounts. Additionally contact the LSO Developer Community Manager to request the immediate access.

Core Contributors

Karthik Sethuraman

Jack Pugaczewski

Are you a core contributor to this LSO SDK but not mentioned here? Please let the LSO Developer Community Manager know and we will add you!