The SD-WAN Controller provides physical or virtual device management for all SD-WAN Edges associated with the controller. This includes, but is not limited to, configuration and activation, IP address management, and pushing down policies onto SD-WAN Edges.

The SD-WAN controller maintains connections to all SD-WAN Edges to identify the operational state of SD-WAN tunnels across different WANs and retrieve QoS performance metrics for each SD-WAN tunnel. These metrics are used by the Service Orchestrator. 

The MSP or CSP operates and maintains the SD-WAN Controller as part an SD-WAN managed service. In the MEF LSO RA, the SD-WAN Controller communicates northbound with its Service Orchestrator via the Presto interface and southbound, via the LSO Adagio interface, to SD-WAN Edges it controls. Note that some SD-WAN implementations may combine the SD-WAN Controller and Service Orchestrator.



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MEF 70.1 (not released)

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