"This document specifies the requirements and test methodologies for Service Activation Testing (SAT) of MEF defined E-Line, Access E-Line and Transit E-Line services. SAT is a test process used to validate that a service behaves as per its Service Definition i.e. as specified in terms of values for all of the Service Attributes of the service, as per MEF 6.2, MEF 10.3 and MEF 45.1 for E-Line and as per MEF 51.1, MEF 26.2 and MEF 45.1 for Access E-Line and Transit E-Line.

It encompasses the verification of the service configuration, performance and the issuance of a SAT Record. Service Activation Testing is performed after service provisioning, before the service is delivered to the customer."




  • Albis-Elcon

  • Bell Canada

  • Canoga Perkins

  • Ciena

  • Cisco

  • Iometrix

  • Telecom Italia

  • Spectrum Enterprise

  • Spirent Communications

  • Verizon