MEF 51.1 is a specification document developed by the Technical Committee of the MEF that defines OVC Services.



This document specifies Operator Ethernet Services based on the Service Attributes defined in MEF 26.2.  The key service constructs are the Operator Virtual Connection (OVC) and the OVC End Points at the External Interfaces (EIs) – the External Network Network Interface (ENNI) and the User Network Interface (UNI).  Per MEF 26.2, at least one OVC End Point is at an ENNI.  Three General Operator Ethernet Services are defined, based on OVC Type.  In addition, two E-Access and two E-Transit services are defined, based on OVC Type and the EIs involved.  This document supersedes and replaces MEF 51, which is based on MEF 26.1 Service Attributes, and MEF 33.

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  • AT&T
  • Bell Canada
  • Cisco Systems
  • Verizon Communications