Superseded by MEF 35.1

Service OAM Performance Monitoring Implementation Agreement


MEF 35 is a specification document developed by the Technical Committee of the MEF to provide an Implementation Agreement for Service OAM Performance Monitoring.


"This document specifies an Implementation Agreement (IA) for Service Operations, Administration,and Maintenance (SOAM) that satisfies and extends the Performance Monitoring (PM)framework and requirements described in MEF 17 [16].Existing PM functions are defined by ITU-T Y.1731 [1], ITU-T G.8021 [4] and ITU-T G.8021Amendment 1 [5]. This document details how to use these functions in order to achieve the requirementsof MEF SOAM PM."



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  1. user-2a9a6

    As per MEF35 implementation agreement,
    1. LMM (PM-3 solution) has requirement to consider only green frames for PM measurements.
    2. DMM & SLM (PM-1, PM-2 solutions) doesnt have such requirement for PM measurements.

    But MEF10 & MEF17 states it as fundamental requirement to count only green frames (qualified service frame) for all PM metric measurements.

    Why MEF 35 PM-1/PM-2 solutions are excluded with this requirement? (Even though these are synthetic frames, if marked yellow then probability of loss or increases in delay measurements are higher and can skew the overall measurements)