The MEF 26.x Service Model defines the services that are obtained by a Service Provider from an Operator across the network interconnection defined as an External Network-Network Interface (ENNI). Note that the MEF 26.x Service Model does not include services obtained from an Operator via LSO Sonata or LSO Interlude.

The Service Provider contracts with a Carrier Ethernet Network (CEN) Operator that has physical reach to some UNIs that can connect to the Carrier Ethernet Service Provider subscriber(s). The Service Provider engages with an Operator to reach one more UNIs in the Operator's domain.

The Operator provides Operator Virtual Connections (OVC) to the Service Provider which are constructed to support one or more EVCs. The Operator has no detailed information about the subscriber service, mapping or traffic characteristics.

In some cases, the Service Provider contracts an Access network provider who does not provide a full Carrier Ethernet Network (CEN)In such cases, the Service Provider contracts with the Access operator to set-up E-Access service to a point that a Carrier Ethernet Network (CEN) exists.


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