LSO Interlude (SOF:SOF) belongs to the family of LSO Interface Reference Points (IRP) as defined MEF 55. It defines the management reference point that provides for the supervision of a portion of LSO services within the partner domain that are coordinated by a Service Provider LSO. In other words, LSO Interlude supports control-related management interactions between the Service Provider and the Partner.

LSO Interlude connects between the OSS functions of the Service Provider domain and the Partner domain respectively and connects 'East-West' in parallel to LSO Sonata.



  • Service Provider controls aspects of the Service within the Partner domain (on behalf of the Customer) by requesting changes to dynamic parameters as permitted by service policies.
  • Service Provider queries operational state of the Service.
  • Service Provider requests change to administrative state of a service or service component (e.g. Service Interface)
  • Service Provider requests update to defaulted service parameters which are allowed to be customized (policy-controlled)
  • Service Provider requests creation of connectivity between two Service Interfaces as permitted by established business arrangement.
  • Service Provider provider queries the Partner's Service Inventory for services provided by the Partner to the Service Provider.
  • Service Provider receives Service specific event notifications from the Partner.
  • Service Provider receives Service specific performance information from the Partner.
  • Service Provider requests test initiation and receives test results from the Partner.







Source(s) and Reference(s)

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