This specification describes the MEF Network Resource Management Information Model (NRM IM). 

Lifecycle Service Orchestration Reference Architecture (LSO RA, MEF 55) extends the traditional MEF scope concerning Service Modeling, from a pure view “from outside the network” to cover a range of Operational, Orchestration, and Network Management behaviors, including SDN and NFV paradigms. 

In support to MEF 55, NRM IM is then defined to manage the Network Infrastructure, through SDN Controllers, WAN Controllers, OTN Subnetwork Managers, and other legacy Network Management Systems. 

The NRM IM structure is based on current and developing best network management solutions by ITU-T, ONF, TM Forum, to allow wider and future proof interoperability across multi-vendor and multi-technology networks. Examples of reference network management solutions are ITU-T G.7711/Y.1702, ONF TR-512, ONF TR-527, TM Forum MTNM and MTOSI. 

The NRM IM models the management features defined by MEF Service Information Model (MEF 7.3) in a resource-oriented view, at network level, i.e. potentially spanning more technology domains supporting the service. This model can be used as the basis for LSO RA PRESTO Inter-face Profiles defining APIs. 

This document normatively includes the content of the following Papyrus UML files as if they were contained within this document (pull request #587, GitHub Repository): 

  • NRM_Connectivity.di 
  • NRM_Connectivity.notation 
  • NRM_Connectivity.uml 


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