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Kevin Vachon
Chief Operating Officer
Raleigh, NC, USA
US Eastern Time
+ 1 919 886 9986 

Kevin Vachon – Chief Operating Officer


Kevin leads the MEF recruiting, retention, and member liaison functions including emerging marketing development activities. He coordinates staff and contracted resources required to enable the volunteer activities of the committees and to provide the necessary administrative and IT infrastructures required for the MEF to operate and scale.


As MEF COO since 2006, Kevin leads a team that builds, supports and scales the MEF’s ever-increasing mix of global programs activities. He is actively engaged with MEF’s global member and partner community and has a broad perspective on the important role that MEF plays in the industry and how to deliver results.

MEF is a global industry association of network, cloud, and technology providers who together drive network transformation to power the digital economy. MEF develops service standards, LSO frameworks and APIs, and certification programs for services, technologies, APIs, and professionals. As a major milestone in this journey, Kevin led MEF’s efforts to conceive and bring to market, MEF 3.0, the global services framework. He was instrumental in engaging global service providers for the development of MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata APIs for inter-carrier automation.

Prior to joining MEF, Kevin held the position of CEO of DIATEM Networks Inc., a Carrier Ethernet software company from 2003 to 2005 and was President and CEO of NUVO Network Management, a network management outsourcing firm, from 1996 to 2002. Previously, he held other senior management positions with NUVO and spent 10 years in a wide variety of capacities with Gandalf Technologies, a network equipment manufacturer.

Pascal Menezes
Chief Technology Officer
Washington, USA
US Pacific Time
+ 1 206 683-9441  

Pascal Menezes – Chief Technology Officer


In his role as CTO, Pascal leads MEF’s technical strategy and aligns key work programs internally and in conjunction with open-source and SDO partners. Pascal engages with MEF’s global membership base to ensure that the organization’s strategy and work plans are market-driven, with agility and time to market being prime objectives.


High-energy technology leader Pascal Menezes has broad expertise, business acumen, and ability to translate technical strategies into results. He has demonstrated success in technology strategy, planning, and execution in internetworking, next-generation information systems, communication architectures and cloud technologies. A MEF co-founder and CTO, Pascal directs the organization’s technology strategy.

Daniel Bar-Lev
VP Strategic Programs
Business Development EMEA
Maccabim-Reut, Israel
+ 972 52 839 0501

Daniel Bar-Lev – VP Strategic Programs, Business Development EMEA


As VP Strategic Programs Daniel is responsible for the development and implementation of a range of strategic MEF programs that are central to MEF's transformation to an agile-process-oriented standards development organization. Programs in his purview include SASE, SD-WAN, the MEF 3.0 PoC Program, Provider Commerce and Business Automation, and the LSO API Release Framework. Daniel also manages business development for MEF in the Europe and Africa regions.


Daniel has been involved in the networking industry for 25 years holding a variety of positions in RAD Data Communications as well as co-founding Resolute Networks where he held executive positions. Representing Resolute in MEF, Daniel served for 3 years as MEF Global Marketing Co-Chair and was elected three times to the MEF Board of Directors. Since 2010, Daniel has been a senior member of the MEF staff creating and leading many of the current central programs in the MEF.

Lori Vachin

Lori Vachon 
Director, Global Events
Raleigh, NC, USA
US Eastern Time
+ 1 508 320 2021 - Mobile  

Lori Vachon – Director of Global Events


As Director Global Events, Lori oversees MEF's global events program including project managing all aspects of quarterly member meetings, virtual workshops, industry events, and project management of our flagship event MEF21 and Infinite Edge Series. In addition, she is responsible for sponsor sales for MEF21 and the Infinite Edge Series. Over the years, Lori has been instrumental managing relationships with industry organizers to allow members the opportunity to participate in events all around the globe. 


Lori has been involved in the events industry for 25 years in various industries including technology, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.  During her tenure with MEF since 2007, she has traveled all around the globe expanding her role into member retention, and recruitment in Europe, Asia, Central & Latin America, and North America. Her success building relationships by working closely with members in various countries has been key to keeping them engaged in MEF.

Michael Gagnon
Global Business Development Lead
Toronto, Canada
Canada Eastern Time
+ 1 647 309 2189

Michael Gagnon  –  Global Business Development & Membership Engagement 


Michael leads Business Development Strategy & Membership engagement programs at MEF. In his new role, Michael is keenly focused on developing innovative strategies & execution plans to attract "best of breed" CSP's & Technology companies to MEF's membership ecosystem. We strive to uniquely inform our CSP & Technology member companies on how key MEF thought leadership, relationships, standards, SDK's/API's & other artifacts will accelerate & simplify their Digital Service Providers (DSP's) evolution.

Working closely with member Executives, Technical teams & Marketing teams, MEF is totally focused on helping each member company achieve enhanced commercial success in the markets where they compete. 

We do this with a personalized, purposeful & proactive approach to membership engagement that is always focused on success from our partners commercial strategies, goals & objectives. 


Michael has a lifetime of varied sales, marketing, business development & channel development experience that he brings to each of his customers. Michael is recognized for the highest level of integrity in execution of sales campaigns utilizing an individualized approach to "Customer Outcomes Based Engagement".   

Michael's 1st principle is to openly, transparently & honestly collaborate with all relevant customer stakeholders; his sales teams and partner teams to cement long-term business relationships between all parties. Deftly able to span all levels of customer/partner organization to secure strategy buy in and commitment to solution delivery success utilizing his Business Impact sales methodology. 

Stan Hubbard
Principal Analyst
Midlothian, VA USA
Eastern Time
+ 1 804 822 6620 - Mobile

Stan Hubbard – Principal Analyst


Stan oversees strategic research in support of existing, planned and potential MEF work areas and programs supporting MEF goals and objectives. He authors and coordinates FAQs, blogs, and presentations for internal and external audiences, engages in industry briefings, and contributes to a broad range of strategic initiatives, including SD-WAN, SASE, CE, LSO, certification, etc. He is responsible for development of in-house reports and collaborative reports with the analyst community.


Stan has more than 24 years of experience in strategic marketing, industry analysis, event programming, and communications. In 2013, he joined MEF, where he has directed program development for global networking events, managed press and analyst relations, and contributed to strategic initiatives to accelerate MEF 3.0 adoption. Prior to MEF, Stan was a Senior Analyst at Heavy Reading, where he focused on Carrier Ethernet and SDN. He chaired 20 major Light Reading CE events worldwide. Prior to that, Stan was the director of market intelligence at Ciena.

Kirby Russell
Director, Technical Services
Ojai, CA, USA
US Pacific Time
+1 (805) 660-1563 

Kirby Russell – Director of Technical Services


Kirby manages our all IT efforts for MEF including our public and member sites, Ethernet Academy, related systems architectures, and the environment for technical programs. Kirby also provides the graphic design, video production, and editing requirements for MEF.

Melissa Power
Director, Public Relations
Rhode Island, USA
US Eastern Time
+1 (508) 517-5560 

Melissa Power  – Director of Public Relations


As Director of Public Relations, Melissa oversees MEF's media relations strategy and execution globally. She works with MEF and industry executives and experts to craft and promote stories that bring the MEF brand to life. In collaboration with MEF leadership, staff and members, Melissa develops the communications strategy and content to drive strong brand awareness and thought leadership across MEF’s key external audiences horizontally, vertically, and geographically.


Melissa is a savvy PR and integrated communications professional with expertise in developing and implementing strategic, brand-building communications campaigns for technology, healthcare, energy, and telecommunications companies, and global industry associations and standards development organizations. Previously Melissa worked at a full-service marketing and communications agency.

Stephanie Halle
Digital Marketing Manager
Florida, USA
US Eastern Time
+1 (813) 500-1301 

Stephanie Halle  – Digital Marketing Manager


As Digital Marketing Manager for MEF, Stephanie is responsible for executing, measuring, and optimizing digital marketing campaigns, and inbound and outbound marketing tactics. She utilizes and optimizes marketing technology and analytics to increase awareness, drive engagement, and ultimately grow revenue for MEF.


Stephanie is a dynamic, data-driven and creative Digital Marketing Manager with extensive experience and knowledge of marketing. She develops innovative approaches and thinks creatively to overcome challenges. She consistently delivers results within set deadlines and budget requirements. Previously, Stephanie has handled marketing and communications for a print and manufacturing company in the Tampa, Florida area.

Alysia Bennett
Manager, Administration
Florida, USA
US Eastern Time
+1 (310) 642-2800

Alysia Bennett – Manager, Administration


Alysia manages all of the finance and administrative needs of MEF along with supporting its new member recruitment and retention efforts. 


Alysia joined MEF in 2010 and brings experience from multiple industries. Prior to MEF, she was the Administrative Coordinator for another non-profit, served four years in the United States Army as an Arab linguist and four years as an editorial assistant and freelance writer for the Washington Post.

Tom Dickson
Technical Support Manager
Wisconsin, USA
US Central Time
+ 1 858 663 9544 

Tom Dickson – Technical Support Manager


Tom provides support on all our mission-critical platforms including this Wiki, the MEF public site, SalesForce, Microsoft 365, and member and internal support. Support inquiries can be directed to him. He also helps coordinate the MEF 3.0 Proof of Concept program.


Tom joined MEF in 2014 to assist with the technical support, both internally and for the members. Previously he has handled corporate IT and facilities management for Finarta and CTS, including data center server configuration, along with managing the US technical support division of Tandberg Data.

MEF Admin
Administrative Assistant
Los Angeles, CA, USA
US Pacific Time
+1 (310) 642-2800

Jackie Wade – Administrative Assistant


Jackie is the Administrative Assistant at MEF and handles billing, Committee call scheduling, and various other administrative tasks.


Jackie lives in sunny California.

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