Kevin Vachon

Kevin Vachon
Chief Operating Officer
Raleigh, NC, USA
US Eastern Time
+ 1 919 886 9986 

Kevin Vachon – Chief Operating Officer


Kevin leads the MEF recruiting, retention, and member liaison functions including emerging marketing development activities. He coordinates staff and contracted resources required to enable the volunteer activities of the committees and to provide the necessary administrative and IT infrastructures required for the MEF to operate and scale.


Appointed as MEF COO in 2006, Kevin leads a team that builds, supports, and scales MEF’s ever-increasing mix of global programs activities. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and a senior MEF representative to the press and analyst community, and he oversees MEF liaison relationships with selected associations, Open Source projects, and standards organizations.

During Kevin’s tenure, membership has tripled to over 220 companies, representing 43 countries, Service Provider membership has increased tenfold, and MEF certification programs have expanded dramatically. Kevin is also the creator and Executive Director of MEF’s GEN14, GEN15, and MEF16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 international events.

Kevin held the position of CEO of DIATEM Networks Inc., a Carrier Ethernet software company, from 2003 to 2005 and was President and CEO of NUVO Network Management, a network management outsourcing firm, from 1996 to 2002. Previously, he held other senior management positions with NUVO and spent 10 years in a wide variety of capacities with Gandalf Technologies, a network equipment manufacturer.

Pascal Menezes
Chief Technology Officer
US Pacific Time
+ 1 206 683-9441  

Pascal Menezes – Chief Technology Officer


In his role as CTO, Pascal leads MEF’s technical strategy and aligns key work programs internally and in conjunction with open-source and SDO partners. Pascal engages with MEF’s global membership base to ensure that the organization’s strategy and work plans are market-driven, with agility and time to market being prime objectives.


Pascal is a proven technology thought leader, sales evangelist, product manager, and seasoned IP architect with close to 30 years of experience in internetworking, next-generation information systems, and communication architectures. As the founder of TSCM Technology he is focused on the building of cloud-scale architectures and real-time media networks using Software Defined Networks (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), and Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO). After almost a decade at Microsoft he was Principal Program Manager for Skype for Business leading strategic programs such as SDN, Real Time Media over Wi-Fi, and Skype for Business using Azure Express Route with QoS.

Dan Pitt
Senior Vice President
Palo Alto, CA, USA
US Pacific Time
+1 617 803 5938
(Mobile, WhatsApp, WeChat) 

Dan Pitt – Senior Vice President


Dan leads MEF’s efforts to grow the MEF membership and community, gain industry buy-in to the growth areas, and assert thought leadership in the broader technical community, in the open-source world, and in the Asia-Pacific region. As a passionate advocate of MEF’s landscape-changing mission he takes a broad view of MEF’s portfolio and champions its compelling benefits to an ever-evolving ecosystem.


Dan Pitt has been a leading voice of the SDNFV movement since its inception. He served as executive director of ONF from 2011-2016 and since 2017 has been senior vice president of MEF, driving technical and ecosystem development.

Prior to ONF he ran and advised technology startup companies in the U.S, Canada, and Australia, served as Dean of Engineering at Santa Clara University, and held executive management roles at Nortel Networks and Bay Networks. Prior to Bay he developed and managed networking technology at HP Labs Palo Alto and IBM Research Zurich and RTP, and taught computer science and electrical engineering at Duke and UNC. Dan holds a B.S. from Duke and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Illinois and is a Fellow of the IEEE. He lives in Palo Alto with his wife and son.


Daniel Bar-Lev
VP Strategic Programs
Business Development EMEA
Maccabim-Reut, Israel
+ 972 52 839 0501

Daniel Bar-Lev – VP Strategic Programs, Business Development EMEA


As VP Strategic Programs Daniel is responsible for the development and implementation of a range of strategic MEF programs that are central to MEF's transformation to an agile-process-oriented standards development organization. Programs in his purview include SD-WAN,  the MEF 3.0 Implementation Projects, MEF Proofs of Concept, MEF Product Release Management, and the MEF Software Developer Community. Daniel also manages business development for MEF in the Europe and Africa regions.


Daniel has been involved in the networking industry for 25 years holding a variety of positions in RAD Data Communications as well as co-founding Resolute Networks where he held executive positions. Representing Resolute in MEF, Daniel served for 3 years as MEF Global Marketing Co-Chair and was elected three times to the MEF Board of Directors. Since 2010, Daniel has been a senior member of the MEF staff creating and leading strategic programs including MEF Certification and retooling of MEF's collaborative infrastructure including the MEF Wiki.

Lori Vachin

Lori Vachon 
Director, Global Events & Member Support
Raleigh, NC, USA
US Eastern Time
+ 1 919 322 0200 - Office
+ 1 508 320 2021 - Mobile  

Lori Vachon – Director of Global Events


Lori oversees global events for MEF including Quarterly Member Meetings and Global Seminars and she manages our flagship MEF20 event. Lori also manages our regional marketing team for events management and member support. In addition, she is the liaison supporting our Board of Directors in all capacities, and is the point of contact for our APAC members.


Lori has been with MEF since 2007, starting as Regional Coordinator, after wearing many “hats” supporting our members in various capacities, and taking on additional responsibilities she formed MEF’s regional events and member-support team. As Director of Global Events, she has been instrumental managing relationships with event organizers all over the world. Prior to MEF, Lori held various positions at Boston-based Genzyme, a leading biotechnology company, and Voyager Pharmaceutical in various marketing and events-management roles.

Christopher Cullan
Director of International Marketing
APAC Business Development
Gold Coast, Australia
UTC +10
+ 61 476 495 507 - Mobile

Christopher Cullan – Director of International Marketing, APAC Business Development


Christopher is MEF’s Director of International Marketing, APAC Business Development.


Christopher lives in Australia.

Stan Hubbard

Stan Hubbard 
Director of Communications & Research
Richmond, VA USA
US Eastern Time
+ 1 804 639 2224 - Office
+ 1 804 822 6620 - Mobile

Stan Hubbard – Director of Communications & Research


Stan is MEF’s Director of Communications &  Research and is the Program Director for the MEF20 global networking event.


Stan is a communications professional with 19 years of experience in industry analysis, forecasting, strategic marketing, and event programming. In 2013, he joined MEF, where he is directing program development for MEF global networking events, managing industry analyst relations, and developing research and other initiatives to help accelerate MEF 3.0 adoption and LSO development. Prior to MEF, Stan was a Senior Analyst at Heavy Reading, where he focused on CE services and network equipment markets and SDN. He chaired ~20 major Light Reading CE events in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Before Heavy Reading, Stan was the director of market intelligence at Ciena.

Kirby Russell
Director, Technical Services
Ojai, CA, USA
US Pacific Time
+1 (805) 660-1563 

Kirby Russell – Director of Technical Services


Kirby manages our all IT efforts for MEF including our public and member sites, Ethernet Academy, related systems architectures, and the environment for technical programs. Kirby also provides the graphic design, video production, and editing requirements for MEF.

Alysia Bennett
Manager, Administration
Los Angeles, CA, USA
US Pacific Time
+1 (310) 642-2800

Alysia Bennett – Manager, Administration


Alysia oversees all of the administrative needs of MEF, including but not limited to office management, finance, member services, and event support. 


Alysia joined MEF in 2010 and brings experience from multiple industries where she wore a variety of hats. Prior to MEF, she was the administrative and volunteer coordinator for a non-profit children's program. Alysia also served four years in the United States Army and four years as an editorial assistant and freelance writer for the Washington Post.

Tom Dickson
Technical Support Specialist
New Richmond, WI, USA
US Central Time
+ 1 858 663 9544 

Tom Dickson – Technical Support Specialist


Tom provides support on all our mission-critical platforms including this Wiki, the MEF public site, SalesForce, Office365, and member and internal support. Support inquiries can be directed to Tom.


Tom joined MEF in 2014 to assist with the technical support, both internally and for the members. Previously he has handled corporate IT and facilities management for Finarta and CTS, including data center server configuration, along with managing the US technical support division of Tandberg Data.