Associated with each SWVC is a list of named Policies that can be applied to Application Flows and Application Flow Groups at SWVC End Points (see section 9.3).

The value of this Service Attribute is a non-empty list of 2-tuples of the form (polName,polCL) where:

  • polName is an Identifier String that specifies the name of the Policy. polName cannot be “block”.
  • polCL is a non-empty list of Policy Criteria 2-tuples, of the form (PCName,PCparam) where:
    • PCName is an Identifier String containing a Policy Criterion name from Table 3, or a Service Provider-defined Policy Criterion name.
    • PCparam is a non-empty list of parameter values specific to the Policy Criterion specified in PCName.

[R17] A Policy name, polName, in the value of the SWVC List of Policies Service Attribute MUST appear, at most, once.

[R18] A Policy Criterion name, PCNameMUST appear, a

t most, once in each list of Policy Criteria, polCL, in the value of the SWVC List of Policies Service Attribute.

[D1] The Policy Criteria listed in Table 3 SHOULD be supported for SWVCs.

The behavior of these Policy Criteria is described in subsequent sections.

[R19] If the Service Provider defines its own Policy Criteria, the PCNames chosen by the Service Provider MUST NOT be the same as any of the PCNames in Table 3.

[R20] If the Service Provider defines its own Policy Criteria, the description of each Policy Criterion agreed upon with the Subscriber MUST include the following items:

    • The PCName
    • The possible values for the Policy Criterion
    • The behavior associated with each value
    • The behavior of each value when used with INTERNET-BREAKOUT
    • Any interactions that the Policy Criterion has with other Policy

An example of a value for this Service Attribute is shown below:

<polA, [<ENCRYPTION, Yes>
       <PUBLIC-PRIVATE, Either>
       <BILLING-METHOD, Flat-rate-only>
       <BACKUP, No>
       <BANDWIDTH, 20Mbps, 50Mbps>]>

<polB, [<ENCRYPTION, Yes>
       <PUBLIC-PRIVATE, Private-only>
       <BILLING-METHOD, Flat-rate-only>
       <BACKUP, Yes>
       <BANDWIDTH, 50Mbps, none>]>