This document specifies the Commercial Affecting Attributes that need to be agreed between a Service Provider and a Subscriber and between a Service Provider and a Partner for Commercial activity related to MEF Defined Services. The document is divided into three major chapters: Chapter 7 discusses the Key Concepts of commercial relations between entities, going from definitions of what a Customer is, the differences between Price and Cost, and the concept of Margin. Chapter 8 lists attributes that may have commercial implications. Those attributes may or may not be measurable. Chapter 9 describes the methods by which a commercial value can be applied to an attribute, measured or not. It is not the scope nor the intent of this document to specify what the billed amount will be and how Cost, Margin or Selling price are defined by each participant in a commercial transaction. However – this document does specify the method by which attributes and their commercial value are to be measured, calculated and presented in commercial transactions between entities.





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