Service Lifecycle Process Model


MEF 50 is a specification document developed by the Service Operations Committee of the MEF that defines the Carrier Ethernet Service Lifecycle Process Model.



This document documents a process model for the generic Carrier Ethernet service lifecy-cle, including Service Operations Lifecycle management and Product Lifecycle manage-ment. It establishes a foundation for specifications developed by the MEF Service Opera-tions Committee. Such documents should reference the foundational material in this doc-ument. 

The process model is composed of a series of Process Flows woven together to form the Carrier Ethernet service lifecycle. Each Process Flow is composed using Process Ele-ments that define processes performed within a Service Provider’s organization. At the core, a single Process describes functional activities or tasks required to deliver results or outputs. The Process Flows are graphically defined using Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) and represent the Process Elements in an end-to-end or through Pro-cess view across the Service Provider’s business as well as between different organiza-tions such as the Service Provider and Wholesale partner or end Subscriber. Therefore, each Process Flow examines some specific scenario in which the Processes achieve an overall business purpose for the Service Provider (e.g., ordering handling of Carrier Ethernet services). The TeleManagement Forum’s Business Process Framework, also re-ferred to as the enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM) [1], has an extensive definition of Process Elements and decomposition of these Process Elements applicable to a Service Provider’s business. As such, this document leverages these Process Element definitions as the building blocks to creating the Carrier Ethernet Process Flows. In a few instances, Process Elements required for Carrier Ethernet did not exist in the eTOM framework and have been defined in this document. 



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