MEF 70 deals, primarily, with two organizations—the SD-WAN Subscriber and the SD-WAN Service Provider. The SD-WAN Subscriber is the organization that uses services described using the Service Attributes specified in this document and the SD-WAN Service Provider is the organization that provides those services.

There is no restriction on the type of organization that can act as a Subscriber; for example, a Subscriber can be an enterprise, a mobile operator, an IT system integrator, a government department, etc. At its most basic, an SD-WAN Service provides connectivity for IP Packets between different parts of the Subscriber’s network (different Subscriber or partner physical locations or private/virtual private clouds) or between the Subscriber’s network and the public Internet using Internet Breakout (described in section 6.9).

The remainder MEF 70 uses “Service Provider” to refer to the SD-WAN Service Provider and “Subscriber” to refer to the SD-WAN Subscriber.



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