Exam Blueprints

Examinations are constructed using an examination blueprint — a widely accepted tool used within professions to design examinations. The blueprint, also referred to as the test specifications, identifies the content areas covered on the examination. For each content area, the blueprint outlines the weighting of the area, the topics, levels of competence, and learning objectives and competencies examined. The blueprint also provides information on the proportion of each question type presented in the examination (for example, multiple-choice, short-answer).

Students should use the examination blueprint to prepare for the examination. The blueprint may not include all topics listed in the course materials; however, students are responsible for acquiring a broad-based knowledge of all topics, including those not listed in the blueprint, since their understanding of these topics will be tested in assignment and self-test questions. The topics not listed in the blueprint will also provide a greater depth of understanding of the course.

The MEF-SDN/NFV exam is regularly updated to ensure that MEF-SDN/NFV certification tracks current standards. Below is a list of MEF-SDN/NFV exam blueprints and its current status. Remember that the blueprint remains in DRAFT mode until the 1.0 version of the SDN/NFV Certified Professional examination is available, usually a month or so after the beta exam period concludes.

IdentificationBlueprintStatusStart DateEnd DateComments
Blueprint A


June 18, 2018
Additional material on exam development added, references to blueprint covered in question areas added.

Links to references in the Exam Blueprint:

  1. Building the Network of the Future: Getting Smarter, Faster, and more Flexible with a Software-Centric  Approach, by John Donovan and Krish Prabhu. New York, CRC Press, 2017.  Click here
  2. Computer Networks: An Open Source Approach, by Ying-Dar Lin, Ren-Hung Hwang, and Fred Baker.  McGraw Hill Science/Engineering/Math; (January 24, 2011)  Click here
  3. Foundations of Modern Networking: SDN NFV, QoE, IoT, and Cloud, by William Stallings. Addison Wesley,  2016. Click here
  4. MPLS in the SDN Era: Interoperable Scenarios to Make Networks Scale to New Services, by Antonio Sanchez Monge  and Krzysztof Grzegorz Szarkowicz. Boston: O’Reilly Publishers, 2016.  Click here
  5. Navigating Network Complexity: Next Generation routing with SDN, Service Virtualization, and Service  Chaining, by Russ White and Jeff Tantsura, Addison Wesley, 2016.  Click here
  6. Network Innovation through OpenFlow® and SDN: Principles and Design, By Fei Hu. CRC Press (February
    18, 2014) click here

  7. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) with a Touch of SDN, by Rajendra Chayapathi, Syed Hassan, and Paresh Shah. New York, Addison Wesley, 2017. Click here
  8. OpenFlow® Cookbook, by Kingston Smiler. Publisher: Packt Publishing ebooks Account (March 27, 2015) Click here
  9. SDN & NFV Simplified: A Visual Guide to Understanding Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization, by Jim Doherty. Addison Wesley, 2016.  Click here
  10. SDN Security Considerations in the Data Center, ONF Solutions Brief, 2013. Published by Open Networking Foundation.  Click here
  11. Software Defined Networking (SDN): Anatomy of OpenFlow® Volume I, by Doug Marschke, Jeff Doyle, Pete Moyer, 2015.  Click here
  12. Software Defined Networking: Design & Deployment, by Patricia Morreale and James Anderson. CRC  Press, 2015.  Click here
  13. Software Defined Networking with OpenFlow, by Siamak Azodolmolky, Publisher: Packt Publishing, 2013 Software Defined Networks: A Comprehensive Approach, 2nd Edition, by Paul Goransson and Chuck Black. Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann; 2016.  Click here



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  1. I would use a yellow tag with something like Beta rather than Current

    1. I co-authored a book on SDN. If it is aligned with your purpose, you can put it into the reference list.



      1. Wow, $3.48 hardcopy, $108 kindle... But hardcopy doesn't ship to NZ

  2. Enclosed is the latest draft of the certification exam blueprint for our latest certification exam, MEF-SDN/NFV Certified Professional. We could not have even attempted this work without the help of the Clyde Seepersad, Arpit Joshipura, and the folks working in the Linux Foundation Networking projects, the expertise of members of Open Networking Foundation, including ONF Board Member Fabian Schneider, and the helpfulness of Don Clarke and the great people from ETSI-NFV. We continue to add to a framework of open-standard exams, built to ISO-level rigor and intellectual respectability for our ecosystem, that also complement the vendor-specific tool skills that many of our network operators already possess.

    Most of all, and we can't brag about this too much, the volunteers at MEF really came up big. We'll have an opportunity to thank them more formally, but we have been really focused on this effort since the 2017 meetings in Raleigh, and are almost there. Thanks, MEF champions, for your expertise and hard work. 

    It was sheer genius for the subject matter experts to create a skills hierarchy for this certification under 3 major domains—PLAN, BUILD, and OPERATE. Simple yet comprehensive; it may help us structure future certifications if it works for us.  The launch this week of our new exam platform site (which can accommodate both vendor-neutral and vendor-specific certifications hosted as a service) located at http://www.MEFProCERT.com is exciting, too. We look forward to building a vibrant, open community of educators, network operators, and hiring managers who will learn about how we are addressing the skills and training challenges in our software-centric network ecosystem.

     We will be ready to launch the beta on April 10 in Paris at the MPLS Event. The beta exam will be priced at $225, which is a significant discount for the $420 list price. Please send me an e-mail to rick@mef.net if you are interested in taking the beta. There are restrictions on how long you have to take the exam (short ramp!), so we are looking for folks who already have the core knowledge on these domains down pretty well. Look over the blueprint and it should give you a send of whether you are ready. 

    It’s amazing what we can do when we work together. Thanks again for all your help. We have a lot of work to do in order to launch on 4/10, but we will be ready. We are greatly encouraged by training providers in the entire SDO, industry, and academic ecosystem coming together to work on these credentials. Even more promising is the interest that is starting to develop around groups wishing to create training and certifications for their projects under this common framework. Real intellectual interoperability!


    Rick Bauer

    Director of Certification, MEF

  3. Agreed......Larry, can you ping Kirby to change that, please? Our normal color scheme is Yellow, Green, Red, and we should keep that for all of the blueprints. 

  4. Tag looks good, thanks, folks

  5. Acronym list on page 25 is a bit out of order. 

    While I would be keen to do the cert, I have a lot of reading that I need to do first. 

    1. Thank you Richard. We will address that issue.

  6. Dear Community:

    The release to production version of the MEF-SDN/NFV Certified Professional Exam (version A) will be available starting June 18, 2018. Thanks to all the community members who worked on the various activities related with building the exam, and to the nearly 100 people who took the beta exam (you should be getting your grades this week!). Thanks for your patience as we worked diligently to product the world's first SDN/NFV certification made to ISO 17024 specifications. We want to specifically thank The Linux Foundation, Open Networking Foundation, ETSI-NFV, and other organizations who have in some manner (either formally or by providing subject matter experts, or participating in the beta exam) supported this endeavor. I want to personally thank Larry Samberg for his faithful attention to detail, and for his friendship as we worked together on this certification. To envision, design, and build a brand-new certification to ISO standards, covering the domains of SDN and NFV, and do it in less than a year, is really amazing. So many have helped us, and we are grateful to all.

    The new blueprint has been posted. If you see any errors, please send them to rick@mef.net and we will get them fixed. This blueprint has a bit more information about the process of building a skills certifications, and we provided references to the various blueprint areas on the exam. Please note: we have listed document names, books and chapters, but have not gotten any more specific. 

    For those of you taking the certification exam, good luck. Please let us know your experiences, and if there is anything we can do to improve our exam. 

    Best regards,

    Rick Bauer, Director of Certification, MEF