MEF 22.3 is a specification document developed by the STA of the MEF that provides an Implementation Agreement for Transport Services for Mobile Networks.


"This document identifies the requirements for MEF Ethernet Services and MEF External Interfaces (EIs such as User-Network Interface (UNI)s) for use in Mobile Backhaul networks based on MEF specifications. In addition, new interface and service attributes have been specified where needed. The services and requirements in this Implementation Agreement (IA) are based on the services defined in MEF 6.2 - EVC Ethernet Services Definitions, MEF 33 - E-Access and MEF 51 - OVC Services as well as the attributes in MEF 10.3 - Ethernet Services Attributes, MEF 26.2 - ENNI and Operator Service Attributes  and this IA. The aim is to be flexible to support a wide range of Ethernet service based mobile network deployments."



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