For MEF17, Zeetta will implement the Presto NRP API with the NetOS(™) controller integrated with the NEC switches of the Bristol is Open network (BiO).

NetOS(™) with the Presto NRP API support will:

Zeetta will be using the NetOS(™) GUI to provide a visualisation of any provisioned services and their routes, so that you can use the API via your own clients, and easily see the result.

Proposed Hackathon work

Zeetta will support:

Use of the NRP API by the orchestration layer

Zeetta will make the NetOS(™) controller available over a VPN connection to anybody that wants to run orchestration code in order to try out provisioning services in the BiO network, and/or Mininet based virtual networks. We will try to support any ideas you may have for how that could work. We can also try to link the dataplane to external networks, from BiO, if you want to explore that.

Contribution of Zeetta enhancements to Unimgr and OVS driver

To understand whether and how to provide the visibility of lower level connections associated with services, we want to explore enhancing Unimgr and OVS driver. The enhanced OVS driver is used to support the NEC switches with a path computation element (PCE), and internal connections. These enhancements will be contributed, with, we hope, the support of others, during the hackathon.