For Companies Considering MEF Membership and Certification

An industry association of 200 member companies, MEF has introduced the MEF 3.0 Transformational Global Services Framework for defining, delivering, and certifying assured services orchestrated across a global federation of automated networks. MEF 3.0 services are designed to provide an on-demand, cloud-centric experience with unprecedented user- and application-directed control over network resources and service capabilities. MEF 3.0 services are delivered over automated, virtualized, and interconnected networks powered by LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration), SDN, and NFV.  See for more information.

Annual Principal Membership cost = $17,250
Annual Start-up Company Membership cost = $5,000 (Restrictions apply - see the startup membership application)

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Attend Virtual Members Meeting - 27-30, October - Online

Join us for our Annual Meeting. The virtual format will allow MEF members who typically cannot travel to Quarterly Meetings to take advantage of online plenaries and committee meetings, and editing sessions.

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Upcoming Quarterly Member Meetings

  • Los Angeles, California, USA, 25-28 January 2021
  • Edinburgh, UK, 26-29 April 2021

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