MEF 49 is a specification document developed by the Technical Committee of the MEF.


"Service Activation Testing (SAT) is defined by MEF in the SAT Technical Specification. The SAT Technical Specification defines testing of Network Operator services that span more than one Network Operator. The SAT Technical Specification is using the processes contained in ITU-T Recommendation Y.1564 as a base. Neither the SAT Technical Specification nor Y.1564 specify a test Protocol Data Unit (PDU). It is desirable that network operators can perform test procedures with interoperable devices from diverse test equipment vendors or NE vendors. This document standardizes the following: 

  • The test PDUs that are exchanged between devices during the test 
  • The control protocol used to configure SAT tests 
  • The control PDUs that are exchanged between the devices in two operators’ networks. 

The control protocol provides the ability to configure and control the SAT steps and to fetch test results at the completion of the test. The requirements defined within this document are based on the SAT process as defined in section 10 of the Carrier Ethernet Service Activation Testing Technical Specification."



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