An E-Line is a service type defined by the MEF for connecting exactly 2 UNIs where those 2 UNIs can communicate only with one another. E-Lines are defined in MEF 6.2 and MEF 10.3.

EPL (Ethernet Private Line) and EVPL (Ethernet Virtual Private Line) are both services under the E-Line service type.




Service Type 


(All to One Bundling


(EVC identified by VLAN ID) 


(Point-to-Point EVC) 

Ethernet Private Line 


Ethernet Virtual Private Line 



(Multipoint-to-Multipoint EVC) 

Ethernet Private LAN 


Ethernet Virtual Private LAN 



(Rooted-Multipoint EVC) 

Ethernet Private Tree 


Ethernet Virtual Private Tree 




E-Lines are used to create, among other solutions: 

  • Private lines
  • Ethernet Internet access
  • Replacement for TDM private lines

E-Lines are the most popular Carrier Ethernet service due to their simplicity.



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