MEF Member Bulletin – February 2019
Q1/19 Hong Kong Meeting Highlights

Dear MEF Members,      

I am pleased to share highlights from the productive MEF Q1/19 Members Meeting in Hong Kong. A special thanks to PCCW Global and Tata Communications for sponsoring the event.  

We have had a great start to the new year as we strive to accelerate development and worldwide adoption of MEF 3.0. In 2019, MEF is focused on enabling service providers to (1) transform their businesses, services, and networks, (2) federate on a global basis, and (3) certify that their service offerings comply with MEF 3.0 standards.

See   Member Bulletin - February (ppt)   for presentation material related to the bulletin.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the MEF Q2/19 Members Meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia, Apr. 29 - May 2, the MEF Annual Meeting in North America (location TBD), July 29 - Aug. 1, and MEF19 in Los Angeles, Nov. 18-22. Contact Alysia Bennett at for MEF19 sponsorship info and take advantage of a 15% Super Early Bird sponsorship savings by Feb. 15.

Summary – Accelerating MEF 3.0 Development & Implementation

With the MEF 3.0 transformational global services framework , MEF is focused on defining, delivering, and certifying assured services orchestrated across a global ecosystem of automated networks. MEF 3.0 services provide an on-demand, cloud-centric experience with unprecedented user- and application-directed control over network resources and service capabilities.


MEF has made significant strides across all key elements of the framework, including: standardized services; LSO APIs; services, technology, and professional certification; and community collaboration. We summarized key developments in 2018 in the MEF 3.0 Momentum press release issued at MEF18.


Below are summary highlights from the last few months. Read further in this Bulletin for additional details.


  • LSO Committee
    • MEF published 3 new LSO standards ( MEF 57.1 , 74, 78 )
    • Business Requirements and Use Cases for Access E-Line Service Control (MEF 76) entered Letter Ballot
    • Expect 8 LSO Sonata and LSO Presto projects to go to Letter Ballot Decision between Meetings (DbM) in 2Q/19.
    • As announced at MEF18, LSO Sonata API technical specs and SDKs currently are available in a Developer Release for serviceability, product inventory, quoting, and ordering. This gives members a head-start in implementing LSO Sonata APIs for inter-provider service orchestration.
  • Certification Committee
    • Professionals:   Focused on marketing MEF-SDN/NFV , evolving MEF-CECP , and exploring options for professional certifications covering LSO and SD-WAN.
    • Services & Technologies:   Planning to introduce LSO Sonata pilot certification in the first half of 2019 and SD-WAN pilot certification in mid-2019.

MEF 3.0-Related News, Videos & Research

MEF in the News (on ) - articles & videos across the community

MEF YouTube - 70+ recent MEF18 / MEF 3.0 videos - a gold mine of information


Press Releases

Collaborative MEF/Analyst Research Reports

Welcome! New Members

MEF is pleased to welcome the following new Members who have joined since early October:   NTT Communications , EPB Fiber Optics , Lyntia , Telxius , Comarch , DCConnect, Enea Software , Inmanta , Sedona Systems , and VT iDirect.



Congratulations MEF 3.0 Certified Companies!

MEF is pleased to recognize the growing list of companies who have achieved MEF 3.0 certification:


  • Service Providers: Cable ONE Business, CMC Telecom, Fiberail, TIME
  • Technology Providers:   ADVA Optical, Ciena, Cisco, H3C, Huawei, Juniper

Congratulations Editors!

MEF thanks the following editors for their diligent contributions related to newly published standards:


Hong Kong Plenary & Birds of a Feather Presentations


MEF 3.0 Workshops in HK

MEF 3.0 Workshop presentations cover important aspects of MEF work related to transformation, federation, and certification. Also see Committee summary slides for the up-to-date information on the status of projects.


MEF Organizational Structure




Services Committee


See the Q1/2019 Services Committee Summary .


  • 11 active projects
  • 1 project entered Letter Ballot: MEF 61.1 - IP Service Attributes (now incorporating Operator IP service attributes)
  • We are in the process of rolling out 7 CfC Ballots related to IP, CE, Optical Transport, and cloud services projects

MEF published the following updates to CE standards in 2H Dec 2018:


  • MEF 51.1 - Operator Ethernet Service Definitions . This update aligns the definition of Operator Ethernet services with the Service Attributes defined in MEF 26.2.   It defines 3 general services: O-Line, O-LAN and O-Tree; and four specific services: Access E-Line, Access E-LAN, Transit E-Line and Transit E-LAN.
  • MEF 45.1 - Layer 2 Control Protocols . This update clarifies and improves the guidance on handling Layer 2 Control Protocols in Ethernet services and improves alignment with other MEF CE standards.
  • MEF 10.4 - Subscriber Ethernet Service Attributes. This update to the MEF 10.x series revises the definitions of Service Attributes for Ethernet Subscriber services with more rigorous and clearer definitions to ensure the services are orchestration-ready.   It also adds support for virtualized UNIs, improves alignment with other MEF CE Standards (notably MEF 26.2), and simplifies or removes a number of Service Attributes that were overly complex or rarely used.

2019 Focus

The Service Committee’s focus in 2019 particularly will be on expanding our IP Standards, including additional LBs expected on the following:


  • Subscriber IP Service Definitions, for Internet Access services and IP-VPN services
  • Service OAM for IP Services
  • Service Activation Testing for IP Services

Applications Committee


See the Q1/19 Applications Committee Summary .

2019 Focus

The Applications Committee aims to begin a second version of the SD-WAN standard covering advanced topics deferred from the first version.

The Committee is working on a number of other items and seeks active contribution in:

  • Intent-based networking, with experimental contributions expected throughout the year.
  • uCPE management framework definition, providing a common foundation for several other Application Committee standards.


LSO Committee


See the Q1/19 LSO Committee Summary .

MEF has just published three new MEF 3.0 LSO standards:

As announced at MEF18, LSO Sonata API technical specs and SDKs currently are available in a Developer Release for serviceability, product inventory, quoting, and ordering. SDKs are on the MEF public GitHub .

2019 Focus

  • Completion of LSO Sonata work for Serviceability, Quotation, Ordering, and Inventory
  • Completion of LSO Interlude work for elastic and configurable services
  • Development of generalized models for Products and Services
  • Update of LSO Legato work to support services catalog and align with ONAP
  • New LSO Sonata work covering trouble ticketing and real-time service assurance
  • Completion of LSO Presto work to cover OAM and Service Activation Testing


Certification Committee


See the Q1/19 Certification Committee Summary .

  • Professional Certification
    • On-Demand Webinar - Addressing the SDN/NFV Skills Gap for Network & Service Transformation ( Webinar slides)
    • Reviewed market positioning of MEF's SDN/NFV exam versus the legacy ONF OCSA test and contemplated marketing requirements for 2019
    • Debated options and plans for the evolution of MEF-CECP to include additional connectivity services in the areas of Optical Transport and IP, in addition to new recent and pending Carrier Ethernet standards
    • Introduced options for the introduction of LSO topics to existing certifications and the opportunity for a new LSO certification
  • Services and Technology Certification
    • Planning of the LSO Sonata certification pilot program
    • Planning of the SD-WAN Certification pilot/market assessment
    • Establishment of a new Services and Technology certification draft lifecycle

2019 Focus

  • Professional Certification
    • Expanded marketing program in support of MEF-SDN/NFV exam adoption
    • LSO and SD-WAN certification planning
    • Evolution of MEF-CECP to include additional connectivity services in the areas of Optical Transport and IP and new Carrier Ethernet standards
  • Services and Technology Certification
    • Introduction of LSO Sonata certification, commencing with a pilot program, with first certified companies expected in the summer of 2019
    • Introduction of SD-WAN certification, with first certified companies to be announced at MEF19
    • Commence blueprints, market assessments, and pilot planning for Optical Transport services and LSO Presto


Marketing & Education Committee


See the Q1/19 Market & Education Committee Summary .    


  • MEC proposed modification of 2019 theme presented at MEF18 to:   Transform, Federate, Validate (was Transform, Federate, Certify)
  • New proposed MEC mission : Accelerate the adoption of business-enabling MEF products by the industry to support digital transformation journey
    • Primary MEC function is the Productization of MEF artifacts and the overall product portfolio management with support from PRM, leadership team, SMEs.
    • Looking for marketing volunteers interested in well-defined inbound and outbound tasks providing recognition to individuals and their employers
    • Sample jobs include 1) buyer persona development for particular products, 2) sketch video production working with 3 rd party resources, 3) value proposition development and more.
  • Women in Telecoms program being added to MEF19 – contact for input, ideas, participatio
  • New project proposed on positioning cloud and network orchestration via white paper by Jack P.; accepted
  • MEF Webinars series re-launching this year; plan in development (schedule, proposed topics, etc.)
  • MEF Staff NEWs:
    • Director of International Marketing – Christopher Cullan joined the team during the week in HK.   Note 20% of Chris’ role is MEF development in SE Asia.
    • Manager, Commercial Events Engagement - Heather Hobbs recently joined and will be prime managing our Webinar Program



2019 Focus

MEF Community


See the Q1/19 MEF Community Summary .

  • ..
  • ..
  • ..

2019 Focus

  • The objectives of the second year of the program will be to strengthen the interaction between the MEF 3.0 Implementation projects and the standards work in MEF, as well as to align the lifecycle of the projects on an annual basis with showcasing in MEF events (e.g. MEF19).
  • Continuation of existing projects, as well as new projects covering topic areas including SD-WAN, 5G, uCPE, SECaaS, automated access aggregation, blockchain, satellite, , network slicing, intent, and machine learning are being planned now and will be discussed in the Hong Kong meeting in January.
  • The first submission deadline for MEF19 PoCs is February 8 th .






Stan Hubbard  

Communications & Research Director, MEF

MEF18 Program Director