Join us at the MEF 3.0 Members Workshop and Roundtable event on 23 September in Dubai!

With the MEF 3.0 transformational global services framework, MEF is focused on defining, delivering, and certifying assured services orchestrated across a global ecosystem of automated networks. Dozens of service providers, technology vendors, enterprises, and industry organizations have been involved in initiatives to accelerate adoption of MEF 3.0 services that empower users with the dynamic performance, assurance, and security required to thrive in the digital economy.

MEF hosts popular, full day MEF 3.0 workshops regularly at our quarterly members meetings and at MEF19. Our agenda for Dubai has been designed to a convenient half-day format and includes a tutorial-oriented workshop with a closing round table, designed to initiate and discuss opportunities for new MEF collaboration and engagement activities in the Middle East.




MEF 3.0 Workshop Introduction


MEF 3.0 Carrier Ethernet,  Optical Transport & IP Services


MEF 3.0 SD-WAN Services


Application Security for SD-WAN Services


Orchestrating 5G Services


End-End Orchestration with LSO Framework


Automating Service Provisioning and Assurance with Intent-Based Networking


Automating Inter-Provider Operations with LSO APIs: LSO Sonata Roadmaps and Use Cases


Automating Intra-Provider Operations with LSO APIs: LSO Presto Roadmaps & Use Cases


MEF Services and Technology Certification Program


MEF Professional Certification Program


MEF Community Programs

Who Should Attend

All MEF members can benefit by attending, including wholesale buyer and seller, product marketing/management, network operations and OSS/BSS leaders. Our workshops are designed to deliver a broad understanding of MEF's strategy, current and planned MEF works, global and regional adoption trends and opportunities for engagement.

Topics Covered

MEF 3.0 Services

  • MEF 3.0 SD-WAN Services
  • MEF 3.0 CE, Optical Transport & IP Services
  • Security-as-a-Service for SD-WAN Application Protection
  • MEF 3.0 & 5G

LSO APIs: Enabling Service Automation Across Multiple Providers & Technology Domains

  • End-to-End Service Automation: LSO Framework & API Standardization
  • Automating Intra and Inter-Provider Operations with LSO APIs
  • Business Case for LSO Sonata Implementation

Certifying Services, Technologies & Professionals

  • MEF 3.0 Service & Technology Certification & Roadmaps – CE, SD-WAN & LSO Sonata
  • Business Case for MEF Certification
  • Addressing Skills Gaps with MEF Professional Certification – MEF-SDN/NFV, MEF-CECP, MEF-NF and MEF-SDWAN

MEF 3.0 Community Programs

  • MEF 3.0 Proof of Concepts
  • New LSO Developer Communities for Member Support

MEF in the Middle East

  • Collaboration and engagement opportunities

Register by 15 September – There are no fees to attend!


Venue Information

Hilton Conrad Dubai
P.O. Box 115143
Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Hilton Conrad Dubai

MEF Host & Participants

  • Kevin Vachon, MEF COO
  • Daniel Bar-Lev, Director, Strategic Programs, Business Development, EMEA
  • Stan Hubbard, Director Communications and Research


9:00Registration and Coffee
10:00Welcome and Opening Remarks
10:10MEF Global Update: Strategy, MEF 3.0 Progress Report
10:30MEF 3.0 Services
11:45LSO - Framework, Inter and Intra-Provider APIs

MEF Certification Programs

14:00MEF 3.0 Community Programs


  • Business Cases for LSO Sonata and MEF certification
  • MEF activities and collaboration in the Middle East
15:00Closing Wrap-Up

For More Information:

MEF contact: Cathleen Coneghen,

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