An SD-WAN service is deployed across multiple WANs using an SD-WAN Edge CPE (left site) and an SD-WAN Edge vCPE (right site). By using the SD-WAN Edge VNF on the SD-WAN Edge vCPE, the CSP or MSP can provide additional revenue-generating virtual network services on the vCPE by adding more VNFs provided the vCPE has sufficient compute resources to support them. 

The SD-WAN Edge vCPE acting as NFV Infrastructure requires an NFV Resource Orchestrator to onboard and service chain the additional VNFs to the SD-WAN Edge VNF.

Both the SD-WAN Controller and NFV Resource Orchestrator are managed by a Service Orchestrator providing the LSO Service Orchestration Functions (SOF) which orchestrates both the SD-WAN service plus additional virtual network services delivered by the VNFs on the vCPE .  

Figure 6: SD-WAN Service with SD-WAN Edge vCPE supporting SD-WAN
Edge VNF and additional Virtual Network Services.






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