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QuestionWhat is good etiquette on the MEF wiki in terms of generating notifications?

emails are generated by the wiki

  • when you mention people using the @name on a page and keep the notify watchers checked the system generates and email
  • when you save a page with notify watchers check

Good etiquette:

  • Always complete the "what did you change?" text box when editing a page otherwise people people may get a "You were mentioned on ..." email with no clue why or what changed on the page without go through the page
  • Only keep the the "Notifiy watchers" box checked  if it something important (avoid typos or minor changes)
  • If you do want to notify people the use the "Preview" button page  or even save it without notification to catch typos or formatting issues.
  • If you want to do lots of edits then perhaps restrict the permissions of the page temporarily
  • Avoid checking tasks

Consider using the following instead of "notiying watchers"

  1. Close the page you have edited
  2. Share a page with individuals or  perform "send email to group" and  write a useful descriptio
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