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QuestionHow do I set the widths of a table column?

Use the {table plus} macro by pressing on the '{' key on your keyboard, and then typing the word table. You should then see the option appear in the drop down menu. Select it, and a dialog will appear (see example below)

Now click 'Insert' and you will see the box as shown below

Put your cursor where the green arrow is pointing in the screenshot and create or cut/paste your table into the box.

Now click on Table Plus and choose Edit


Scroll down in the dialog to the Column Attributes field and set the width of the columns in your table there and then click the refresh button to see a preview

Here are some examples of Column Attributes that you can use (percentage of table width or absolute width in pixels)

2 column table:



4 column table:





Here is an example table:

Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4
Row 1   
Row 2   
Row 3   
Row 4   
Row 5   


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