QuestionWhat is good etiquette on the MEF wiki in terms of generating notifications?

Emails are generated by the Wiki:

  • when you mention people using the @name on a page and keep the notify watchers checked the system generates and email
  • when you save a page with notify watchers check

Good etiquette:

  • Always complete the "what did you change?" text box when editing a page otherwise people people may get a "You were mentioned on ..." email with no clue why or what changed on the page without go through the page
  • Only keep the the "Notify watchers" box checked if it something important (avoid typos or minor changes)
  • If you do want to notify people use the "Preview" button page or even save it without notification to catch typos or formatting issues.
  • If you want to do lots of edits then restrict the permissions of the page temporarily
  • Avoid checking tasks

Consider using the following instead of "notifying watchers"

  1. Close the page you have edited
  2. Share the page with individuals or perform "send email to group" and write a useful description.
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