What tools should I use to write a MEF White Paper?


MEF white papers are produced by member editors and contributors who wish to create new work.

The MEF white papers fall in to 3 categories

  1. Positioning or Business Orientated papers that cover the value proposition of implementing specific MEF work.
  2. Technical and Informative papers that cover the technical work developed by the MEF
  3. Best Practices papers that provide guidance in the form of implementation recommendations, expected results and consequences of implementing implementing the recommendations.

There is a formal process within the marketing committee for instigating, writing, sharing, and voting on new papers. The most important step being the establishment of the intention of the proposed work using the standard template and then gain approval to start the project from the marketing co-chairs.

Tools for developing white papers:

Next step is to visit the following link: Document Approval Process that coves the formal process and also provides a standard template.

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