What is a MEF Wiki task?


The MEF Wiki provides a way to make everyone more productive so they can get more work done, together. The key is focusing on the most important deliverables, and eliminating distractions while you work on them. This includes streamlining where a group of people work and how that group tracks the progress of its work.

Tasks in Confluence are different from task management apps. Tasks are tightly integrated with all of your work in the MEF Wiki. They’re contextual. Whether they’re assigned to you from a page, created from a notification, or a personal task you’ve created yourself, Tasks help you stay on-track and deliver real results.

You can access your complete task list from your WorkBox, where you can prioritize and add new personal tasks, and you can create new and assign tasks right within your Confluence pages.

More information is available on the Atlassian web site's Managing Tasks in Confluence article and in the Confluence 101: Keep Your Team On-Track with Tasks blog post.