How do I...

How do I create a task for myself?


You can add a task list on a page and assign it yourself using an @mention.  (For more information about @mentions, see Using Mentions.)  By doing this, the task will appear in your personal task list in the Wiki's Workbox.

You can also create a personal task by doing the following:

  1. Choose the workbox icon  in the Confluence page header.
    • You can use the keyboard shortcut: Type g then n. (When in the Confluence editor, click outside the editor pane before pressing the keyboard shortcut keys.)
    • The icon indicates the number of unread notifications.

  2. Choose the personal tasks icon:
  3. To add a task and assign it to yourself, type the task summary in the text box and choose Add task.
  4. To prioritise tasks, drag and drop them into your chosen order. (Click a task, hold down your mouse button to drag the task into position, then release the mouse button.) 
  5. To complete a task, or mark it as incomplete, choose the check box next to the task.
  6. To add notes to a task and see further information (for example, a related page) choose the task item. The task details dialog will open.
  7. To see the tasks that are marked as complete, choose View completed.

More information is available on the Atlassian web site's Managing Tasks in Confluence article.