How do I...

How do I request a call to be set up?


Create a project page from the template in the Committee where the call is being held, and then request MEF Admin to assign a meeting link. You can share the project call page with MEF Admin for that request.

The following information is needed. Note that calls are scheduled for one quarter at a time.

CommitteeWhich Committee Calendar the call is on (e.g. Services Committee)
Project PageThe Wiki page for the Project or Adhoc (Tom Dickson can assist with this)
Start DateThe first date for the call series
End DateThe last date for the call series
FrequencyOnce a week, twice a week, once every other week etc.
Day(s) of the weekMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday
Time of DayThe desired call time including timezone (calls are normally 1hr long)
Duration30 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours etc.
Cancelled DatesAny days that should not be scheduled (holidays)

MEF Admin will add your call to the Committee Calendar and update the project call page with the details and an ICS file that can be added to Outlook.