What are MEF Wiki spaces?


MEF Wiki spaces are simply collections of MEF Wiki pages.

Typically, a space has a home page at the 'root' of a tree of pages. Each page can have 'children', 'siblings' and parents (not the root page(s) of course) Spaces are also a useful way of controlling access privileges for user groups in an intuitive way. The potential number of spaces in the MEF Wiki is limitless, but the target is to have no more than 50-100 spaces. Typically, a space will be created as a home for content and collaboration in specific areas and projects. For example, there will be spaces such as:- Technical Committee; Marketing Committee; Certification Committee; Professional Certification; Board of Directors; Staff; Montreal Quarterly Meeting; Carrier Ethernet Study Wiki; MEF-SMEs; MEF-ATPs; Marketing Leadership Council; Public Web Site; Cloud Marketing;  CE Services Marketing; Service Operations Lifecycle etc.

MEF Wiki spaces will be set up by the MEF admin staff based on requests from MEF members and where relevant, MEF Committee Co-chairs. Spaces can be renamed, moved, archived and deleted, an their home pages can be changed.