QuestionWhat are MEF Wiki pages?

Just like in Wikipedia, a MEF Wiki page is a URL that points to a browser page with a title, text, images, attached files and a variety of information.

A MEF Wiki page can be edited, comments added to it, documents and labels attached to it and so on. MEF Wiki pages can be as short or as long as required. Typically, it's better to keep them short so that readers don't have to scroll, but of course they support hyperlink to 'anchors' deep in the text so even that doesn't present a problem. The most important advantage of MEF Wiki pages is that apart from general users, anyone can create a MEF Wiki page and develop content on it.

There are thousands of pages, perhaps tens of thousands of pages in a wiki like the MEF Wiki, and can be viewed, edited, commented upon etc. by a range of user groups - depending on their specific privileges. Examples of pages include:- definitions; diagram explanations; press release drafts; timetables; explanations; listing of members; charts etc. The list of potential uses of MEF Wiki pages is literally endless. Formatting of pages is also within the control of the page developers - using very high level macros or just plain text.

Another advantage of wiki pages is that only the ones of interest or of relevance will be visible to a given user. Instead of seeing thousands or tens of thousands of pages, a MEF member will typically only want to see tens or hundreds of pages. Page visibility is determined by membership of user groups. For example, members of 'technical committee' may only want to see activity in specific areas like ATS for SOAM or MBH Phase 3. By joining the relevant user groups, they will be able to see only the relevant pages and be notified of changes and comments only in those pages.

Page visibility can not only be determined by group membership, but also per individual. If a page is being developed and the authors want to build something before exposing it to anyone else, they can apply restrictions to that page so that is is visible only to them. When they are ready for peer review, they can add access privileges to other individuals. Once the review and approval is complete, the page can be opened up to access by the whole of the MEF Wiki membership or even to the outside world without login credentials being needed for viewing the page.