QuestionWhat are MEF Wiki user groups?

User groups are sets of users with common access privileges.

There are no limits to the number of user groups in the MEF Wiki, nor to the number of members in each user group. Current examples of user groups include:- technical committee; marketing committee; certification committee; service operations committee; staff; board members; marketing leadership council, mef-smes, met-atps, etc.

User groups are a very useful to not only enable appropriate access and change permissions to a large set of people in a flexible manner. User groups also help determine the exposure of user group members to communications of interest to them, thereby reducing 'background noise' in their mailboxes.

This is one of the first advantages of the MEF Wiki over the old MEF members site.

User groups are set up and administered very quickly by the MEF admin staff. Typically, MEF members will not need to ask for a user group to be set up. This will be understood by the MEF admin staff as new projects are rolled out.

However, MEF members can easily join and leave user groups via the MEF Wiki without any other 'human' intervention. Joining and leaving groups is achieved by clicking on the link 'Join/Leave Groups' in the left hand navigation area on every page of the MEF Wiki.