What is the MEF Community?


The MEF comprises member companies and their individual representatives. Only MEF member representatives have access to the MEF Wiki. For the sake of simplicity, we refer to the collective of MEF member representatives that have accounts in the MEF Wiki as the 'MEF Community'. The only requirements to be in the MEF Community are:

a. you must be employed by a MEF member company and 

b. you must have an approved email domain. 

For example, if there is a MEF member company called 'Raghu Communications' and one of its approved email domains is, then anyone that works for Raghu Communications and has an email address with the domain can sign up for the MEF Wiki and become a member of the MEF Community. 

Please note that if a company does not renew its membership, then the accounts for all those MEF Community members that have emails with the domain of that company will have their MEF Wiki accounts disabled and they will no longer be MEF Community members. If a company renews its MEF membership, then those MEF Wiki disabled accounts can be re-enabled by the MEF staff.

Currently, there are several hundred members of the MEF Community. With over 200 member companies we envisage having 1,000-2,000 MEF Community members within the coming 12 months.