QuestionWhat is the MEF Wiki?
AnswerThe MEF Wiki is a collaborative environment for MEF members based on an 'enterprise wiki' platform called Confluence sold by the company Atlassian.

It comprises editable HTML pages, commenting support and blogging features, as well as open interfaces that third parties can build custom and commercial add-ons (or plug-ins) that enhance the platform's capabilities.

Many enterprises - including MEF member companies - use enterprise wikis such as Confluence for internal and customer facing collaboration. This approach is gaining in popularity due to its support for universal access from any operating system, browser and mobile device based on the well established wiki environment known to almost everyone in the form of Wikipedia for example. Another reason for the enterprise wiki's growing popularity is that it enables far more people control of creating, editing, reviewing and publishing material compared to web sites and proprietary collaborative environments (e.g the legacy MEF member site)