How do I...How do I use Mentions to notify other users?

You can mention a person in a special way that prompts the Wiki to send that person an email message and a workbox notification. This way of mentioning someone is called an @mention. It works on Confluence pages, blog posts and comments.

When you save the page, the Wiki sends an email message to the user letting them know that they have been mentioned on the page (if they have permission to view the page) with a link to the relevant page. The Wiki also adds a notification to the person's workbox.

Note: Use the person's full name. The user mention feature recognizes the full name only, not the username.

There are two ways to mention someone:

  • The quickest way is to start typing '@' and the person's name, then choose from the suggestions that the Wiki offers. This is called autocomplete.
  • Alternatively, you can choose InsertUser Mention from the editor toolbar.


More information is available on the Atlassian web site's Using Mentions article.