How do I...How do I stay on top of changes made to pages and spaces?

You can 'watch' a Wiki page, blog post or space. The Wiki will then send you a notification by email whenever anyone updates the watched content.

You will receive email notifications for:

  • Edits (unless the author clears the 'Notify watchers' check box).
  • Deletions.
  • Attachments, including new versions or deletions of an existing attachment.
  • Comments, including new comments, edits of existing comments or deletions of existing comments.

By default, the Wiki will assign you as a watcher of any page or blog post that you create or edit. This behavior is called 'autowatch'. You can control autowatch

There is no daily digest for email notifications. You will receive an email notification every time someone makes a change.

You will not receive email notifications for content changes due to the output of a macro, because the page content itself has not been edited.


More information is available on the Atlassian web site's Watching Pages, Spaces and Blogs article.