How do I...How do I add and reply to comments to a Wiki page?

A comment is a remark, question, or any other additional information you wish to add to a page or blog post. People can use comments to interact with each other on your Confluence site.

You can add a comment to any page or blog post, provided that you have the 'Add Comments' permission in the space. You can also show that you agree with or enjoyed someone else's comment, by liking it.

Comments are displayed at the bottom of the page, below the page content. 

To add a comment:

    1. Position your cursor in the comment box, next to your profile picture at the bottom of the page.
    2. Type in your comment.
    3. Choose Preview to see how your comment will appear.
    4. By default, Watch this page is ticked.This means that you will start receiving notifications about this page. Remove the tick if you do not want to watch the page.
    5. Choose Save.

To reply to an existing comment:

    1. Choose Reply located below the text of a comment.
    2. Type in your response.
    3. Choose Save.

More information is available on the Atlassian web site's Commenting on pages and blog posts article.

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