QuestionHow do I use Search to discover content?

You can quickly search the Wiki through any of the following techniques:

  • Use the search box at the right of each Wiki page. It offers you a quick navigation aid as well as a full site search.
  • Use your browser's search capability. Just add the MEF Wiki as a search provider using the dropdown menu in your browser's search box.
  • Use the Find and Replace button of the Wiki Editor, while editing a page or blog post.

The first technique is the most popular. As you begin typing in the search box, the Wiki will autosuggest possible page, attachment or space names that meet your criteria. If the suggestions aren't what you are looking for, press the Enter key to search all content in all spaces, attachments and space descriptions. You can then filter the search results by type (pages, blog posts, comments, etc.), the date the content was last modified, the space in which the content resides, and the MEF Wiki user who last modified the content.

More information is available on the Atlassian web site's Searching Confluence article.