Join our Virtual Q4 Meeting!

Your leadership team is enthusiastically preparing for what is certain to be an extremely productive Q4 Members Meeting! The opening plenary will be held on Monday 26 October with committee meetings running Tuesday through Thursday, wrapping up with the closing plenary on Friday the 30th.

MEF is sharply focused on driving transformation to dynamic, assured, and certified network services across a global federation of automated networks.We are enabling service providers to (1) innovate with highly synergized overlay and underlay network services, (2) accelerate the rollout of MEF 3.0 certified services powered by certified technologies and professionals, and (3) federate with increased implementation of inter-provider LSO Sonata APIs worldwide

The Q4 event is the first gathering of the new "Digital Services Committee", a recent combination of the former Services and Applications Committees. It will also be the first meeting of the new "Commercial and Business Committee", established to develop a global industry standard automated and federated supply-chain of service providers where they can buy and sell high volume inter-provider ICT services in a frictionless, trusted manner.

See the column on the right for committee agenda links and a sampling of topic areas. Also read the Member Bulletin - MEF's Strategy, Initiatives & More - August 2020 for further details on ongoing work.  

Commercial & Business Committee
Digital Services Committee
LSO Committee
Test and Certification Committee

Meeting Topics

Overlay Services

MEF 3.0 SD-WAN Services & Certification
MEF 3.0 SD-WAN Security Services

Underlay Connectivity Services

MEF 3.0 IP Services
MEF 3.0 Carrier Ethernet Services & Certification
MEF 3.0 Optical Transport Services

Test & Certification Programs

Services, Technologies, and Professionals

Frictionless Inter-Provider Business

LSO Sonata
DLT-Based Inter-Provider Commerce
Commercial & Business Incubation Groups

Frictionless Enterprise Access

LSO Cantata

Intra-Domain Orchestration

LSO Legato
LSO Presto

Agenda at a Glance

For Committee & Editing Session Zoom links, please see the Committee Agenda pages (linked below and top right)

Times are in EDT and approximate, check detailed agendas for exact times.

Mon 26 October

Opening Plenary and Pre-Meeting Project Editing Sessions


Editing Sessions

Editing Sessions


Opening Plenary Part 1

Chairman's Welcome
President's Report
COO Report on Member Activities (
events, web site)
MEF 3.0 Proof of Concept Update


Opening Plenary Part 2

CTO Report
Committee Agenda Previews

14:15-16:00Editing SessionsEditing Sessions

Tue 27 October

Committee Meetings

Commercial & Business Committee


Digital Services Committee

LSO Committee Editing Sessions

Board of Directors Meeting
(10:00 - 13:00)


Birds of a Feather - Session topic TBD

Wed 28 October

Committee Meetings


Digital Services Committee

LSO Committee

Test & Certification Committee

Thu 29 October

Committee Meetings


Digital Services Committee

LSO Committee

Fri 30 October

Closing Plenary and Editing Sessions


Closing Plenary

11:00-15:00Committee Editing SessionCommittee Editing Session

Wiki Access & Assistance

Members will need a Wiki account to access agendas & materials. Signup here or contact for assistance.

Why Participate

  • Fully engage with MEF leaders & subject matter experts in a virtual environment.

  • Collaborate on key service, automation/ orchestration, certification & commercial initiatives.
  • Obtain value meeting materials and recording to share with your colleagues

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Annual Members Meeting, TBD, 26-29 July