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MEF is sharply focused on driving transformation to dynamic, trusted, and certified network services across a global federation of automated networks.

We are enabling service providers to (1) innovate with highly synergized overlay and underlay network services, (2) accelerate the rollout of MEF 3.0 certified services powered by certified technologies and professionals, and (3) federate with increased implementation of inter-provider LSO Sonata APIs worldwide.

Join us as we continue to deliver our exciting contributions to your companies and the industry at large! Also, don't forget to register for our All Things SD-WAN Virtual Workshop on 15 April.

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Agenda at a Glance

Times are in EDT and approximate, check detailed agendas for exact times. 

Mon 27 April


Editing Sessions

Board Meeting (TBD)

Tue 28 April

Plenary & Committee Meetings


Opening Plenary

Introduction to the Virtual Meeting
Board of Directors' Message
President's Report

Technical Strategy Update
Committee Agenda Previews


Applications Committee

LSO Committee

Services Committee

Wed 29 April

Committee Meetings


Applications Committee

LSO Committee

Services Committee

MEF 3.0 Proofs of Concept

Certification Committee

Thu 30 April

Committee Meetings


Applications Committee

LSO Committee

Services Committee

Marketing Projects

Fri 1 May


Closing Plenary

Committee Readouts
Upcoming Events and Announcements

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  • Collaborate on key service, automation/ orchestration, certification, marketing & other initiatives.

  • Listen, learn, and influence working projects pertinent to your role.

Upcoming Meetings & Virtual Workshops