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Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Meeting Room: TBC

Remote Access: The session will likely be available online via GotoMeeting.  

See Link for Remote Access : MEF Members Meeting Remote Access - look for the room the session is in - contact Tom for assistance; 858-663-9544 Skype: tomldickson

Advanced Tables - Table Plus
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13:30 – 15:30

This session will be used to help attendees understand how to progress their MEF 3.0 Proofs of Concept (PoC).

Several of the candidate MEF 3.0 PoCs being incubated will be discussed enabling additional potential participants to join the respective projects.

MEF 3.0 PoCs Overview (10 mins)

Current status of MEF 3.0 PoCs.

Timetable for showcasing at MEF19 (10 mins)

Explanation of the timetable, including qualification for judging, from Dubrovnik meeting until MEF19.

Marketing opportunities (10 mins)

Discussion of the opportunities to maximize the marketing opportunities associated with showcasing at MEF19.

Overview of current incubation of MEF 3.0 PoCs (90 mins)

  1. Multi-Vendor SD-WAN Service with uCPE (NTT)
  2. LSO Orchestrated TIP (Kontron)
  3. China Multi-Domain SD-WAN Service (China Telecom)
  4. ONAP-Orchestrated CCVPN (China Mobile)
  5. SD-WAN over Satellite Access (SES)
  6. SD-WAN over Aggregated Access (Neustar)
  7. OpenNAEF multi-site networks Orchestration (OOL)
  8. Wholesale Network Slicing for 5G Access (ADVA)
  9. Global Telecom Federation (ECI)
  10. VNF Marketplace (Equinix)
  11. SD-WAN from the Cloud (Equinix)
  12. Virtualized Data Center over SD-WAN (BringCom)

Match-making Partners and Next Steps

Discussion of helping projects find additional partners.