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MEF 28

External Network Network Interface (ENNI) Support for UNI Tunnel Access and Virtual UNI

Technical Specification

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MEF 28 is a specification document developed by the Technical Committee of the MEF that defines the External Network Network Interface (ENNI) support for UNI Tunnel Access and Virtual UNI.


"The External Network Network Interface (ENNI) is a reference point that describes the interface between two Metro Ethernet Networks (MENs) [Editor: Carrier Ethernet Networks (CENs)] and is intended to support the transparent extension of Ethernet services across multiple Network Operator MENs [Editor: CENs], where each Network Operator MEN [Editor: CEN] is under the control of a distinct administrative authority. This Technical Specification extends the ENNI by defining the UNI Tunnel Access (UTA) which associates a Virtual UNI (VUNI), a remote UNI, and at least one supporting OVC."


Reference Presentation

The MEF has prepared an overview presentation which explains the MEF 28 specification.