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QuestionHow do I schedule a Service Operations meeting?

All Service Operations Committee (SOC) meetings are scheduled via the Wiki-based calendar located here.

Click on the day of the month in which you would like to create the meeting. A popup window appears which is shown to the right.

Select the "Service Operations" Calendar. Select the "Event" Event Type. Enter your meeting title for the What field. Select your Wiki avatar for the Who field.

Select the day of the meeting for the When field. If the meeting is an All Day Event, select that radio button.

If this is going to be a recurring meeting (e.g., weekly meeting), choose the recurring option under the Repeat menu.

Leave the Where and Description fields blank. For the Related Page field, select the Wiki page for your Project/Ad Hoc Calls and Meetings, if you have one created.

Otherwise, leave the Related Page blank. Select the OK button to create your meeting in the SOC Calendar.

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