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MEF 30.1

Service OAM

Requirements & Framework - Phase 1

Fault Management Implementation Agreement: Phase 2

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MEF 17 30.1 is a specification document developed by the Technical Committee of the MEF to provide an Implementation Agreement for Service OAM Fault Management.


"OAM (This document specifies an Implementation Agreement (IA) for Service Operations, Administration, and Maintenance ) can be used to manage network infrastructures and services provided across these network infrastructures. This document provides requirements and framework for Service OAM within MEF compliant Metro Ethernet Networks (MENs). Service OAM requirements represent expectations of Service Providers in managing Ethernet Services within the MENs and Subscribers in managing Ethernet Services across the MENs. Service OAM framework describes the high-level constructs used to model different MEN and Service components that are relevant for OAM. The framework also describes the relationship between Service OAM and the architectural constructs of Ethernet Services (ETH), Transport Service (TRAN) and Application Service (APP) Layers as identified in [MEF 4](OAM) that builds upon the framework and requirements specified by MEF 17 [16]. In particular, this IA specifies Service OAM requirements for Maintenance Entity Groups (MEGs) and for Fault Management (FM). Service OAM in general and FM in particular are defined in IEEE 802.1Q [3] and ITU-T Y.1731 [7]. This IA details how to use these functions to achieve the MEF requirements of Service OAM in general and Service OAM FM in particular."