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Building, Securing & Automating the NaaS Ecosystem

In 2023, MEF assumed a leadership role in defining and driving development of next-gen Network-as-a-Service (NaaS). We published the industry’s first NaaS Blueprint, launched the industry’s first global NaaS event (GNE), and made major progress in building a plug-and-play automated ecosystem enabling dynamic services across multiple providers. MEF has rapidly emerged as THE business collaboration platform to accelerate NaaS.

This year, we have ambitious plans in 3 major work areas that will be the focus of discussion in Munich: (1) NaaS, (2) Automation, and (3) SASE (Including SD-WAN, SSE, and ZTNA).  Of special interest will be an newly formatted opening plenary session and the LSO partners conference.

See the meeting agenda and the committee highlights below for more information.

Who Am I Joining?

  • Senior executives from the member community, MEF execs, Board of Directors & Technology Advisory Board 
  • Committee chairs and project leaders
  • Commercial, product, and technical contributors from service providers, LSO solution providers, technology vendors

Turn Ideas into Action 

  • Committee tracks to influence and move forward the future of MEF works and influence
  • More ways to engage with the MEF community – NaaS Accelerators, networking, social activities
  • New to MEF? Learn the ins and outs of navigating MEF to maximize your membership

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Meeting/Badge Registration 

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Register here for the opening plenary


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Marriott Munich

Berliner Strasse 93
Munich Germany 80805
+49 89 360 02 0

20 minutes from Munich Airport 

Hotel is located 10 minutes from the old town area of Munich with an abundance of restaurants and shopping 

MEF special rate is 189 Euros
includes VAT, Breakfast, & Wi-Fi 

 Book hotel by Monday, 25 March 

Hotel Reservations

Need Travel Approval?

Need assistance with travel justification? MEF can provide support; please contact Tom Dickson with your requirements.

Wiki & WiFi Access and Assistance

Members need a Wiki account to access agendas and materials. Signup here or contact for assistance. Non-members may register for the Opening Plenary which will be available to all via Zoom.

Committee meetings will be conducted face-to-face with Zoom and recordings for remote attendees – attendee links will be found on the committee agenda pages.

WiFi access: SSID: GNE password: mefforum


Committee Activities Preview

Advanced Tables - Table Plus
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Commercial and Business Committee (CBC)

CBC facilitates inputs to MEF work from business and product teams​ and operates under MEF Standard Development Process to develop and publish MEF Standards and white-papers​.

CBC focuses on commercial and business aspects of automating buying-selling of products and services including LSO product payloads and LSO Smart Contracts & DAOs​.

CBC active projects include:

  • Internet Access Product Attributes and Use Cases
  • SLA Reporting Business Requirements and Use Cases
  • SLA Terms and Definitions
  • NaaS Product Experience

CBC is also the home for the NaaS Accelerators including:

  • Wolf Town – SLA Automation
  • Hot Mongoose – Transacting Edge Compute
  • Flat Hammer –  Multi-Cloud Network Automation
  • Stone Panther – Synchronized Inventory

CBC is also hosting the fourth LSO Partner Conference in the Munich meeting.

LSO Committee (LSOC)

LSOC shapes LSO automation with standardization work currently on:

  • Product APIs and Schemas
  • Service Ordering
  • Service APIs and Schemas

LSOC sessions are especially valuable if your company has already begun automating their business processes, as you can help direct the work to include what has already been implemented in the market.

Specific topics of work include:

  • Updating the Address model across all business APIs
  • Amending Product Inventory BR/UCs and API implementation
  • Developing APIs for Threshold Crossing Alerts, Fault Management, Service Function Testing
  • Revising Service Order & Service Inventory
  • Defining new payloads: SOAM (performance management APIs)

LSOC is responsible for the upcoming LSO releases in 2024: LSO Haley (Jun '24) and LSO Irene (Dec '24).

Digital Services Committee (DSC)

The DSC defines standards for “Digital Services” that establish a common language and expectations for providers, vendors, and subscribers. There are currently two distinct work streams:

  • Cybersecurity & Overlay services: SASE, Zero Trust, SD-WAN, Cloud
  • Underlay services: Layer 1 (Optical), Carrier Ethernet, IP, Network Slicing

The output typically serves as foundational input for other MEF committee work such as LSOC and programs such as certification. The 2024 focus is evolving MEF’s Cybersecurity standards (SASE & ZT Enhancements, SSE Framework).

Test and Certification Committee (TCC)

The TCC is responsible for certifications associated with MEF-defined network services and MEF LSO APIs. The focus areas for the Q2 meeting are expected to include:

  • SASE certification, composed of individual SD-WAN, SSE, Zero Trust, and SASE test requirements
  • Broadband Access E-line certification 
  • Updated plans for LSO API certification
  • Next steps for Onboarding and Interop Testing (OIT)

Interested in more details on Committee activities? Email Tom Dickson 



Munich Meeting Agenda & Committee Activities | See Links Below (all times are in CEST)

Advanced Tables - Table Plus
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Mon 8 April

Pre-meeting Sessions

07:30-08:30Registration Opens & Breakfast in Hotel Restaurant
     08:30-12:30Digital Services Projects
LSO Projects
Leadership Lunch Meeting
13:30-17:30Digital Services ProjectsLSO ProjectsTest & Certification Projects

CEO Advisory Board Meeting (14:00-15:30)


Board of Directors Meeting (16:00-19:00)
Dinner Following

Tue 9 April

Pre-meeting Sessions | Opening Plenary

07:30-08:30Breakfast in Hotel Restaurant

Digital Services Projects

LSO Projects

New Participant Orientation (8:30-9:30)

10:15-10:45Networking Break
10:45-12:00Digital Services ProjectsLSO Projects
12:00-13:30Lunch & Networking

Networking Break 


Augustiner Stammhaus Dinner - Sponsored by

Wed 10 April

LSO Partner Conference | Committee Tracks

07:30-08:30Breakfast in Hotel Restaurant
08:30-10:15LSO Partner Automation Conference
Digital Services Committee
10:15-10:45Networking Break
10:45-13:00LSO Partner Automation ConferenceDigital Services Committee
13:00-14:00Lunch & Networking
14:00-15:45LSO CommitteeTest & Certification CommitteeCommercial & Business CommitteeDigital Services Committee

Ice Cream Break sponsored by

16:15-18:00LSO CommitteeTest & Certification CommitteeCommercial & Business Committee

Digital Services Committee

Thu 11 April

Committee Tracks | Closing Plenary

7:30-8:30Breakfast in Hotel Restaurant
8:30-10:15Digital ServicesLSOCommercial & BusinessTest & Certification
10:15-10:45Networking Break
10:45-12:30Digital ServicesLSOCommercial & BusinessTest & Certification
12:30-13:30Lunch & Networking
13:30-15:15Digital ServicesLSOCommercial & BusinessTest & Certification

Networking Break


Closing Plenary 


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